Tangke - An enchanting adventure up north of Iloilo

Tangke is located in South Gigantes Island (Isla Gigantes Sur) in the northernmost town of Iloilo Province - the Municipality of Carles. The jump-off point to South Gigantes Island is the Estancia seaport complex. From there, tourists can hire a motorized boat (motor bangka) to go to South Gigantes Island/Tangke. Travel time is approximately an hour.

However, for those tourists who want to experience the relaxing accommodations in Carles, they can take the other route by dropping by to the nearby town of Balasan and take a 45-minute ride to Barosbos, Carles. Barangay Barosbos (Carles) is a resort strip in the municipality with a good number of resorts that are lined-up along the highway facing the beachfront to give you an overnight accommodation, before you finally jump off to Gigantes Island. One can make an arrangement with the resort owner to bring them to the island. Approximate travel time is 1 and a half hour.

An early morning travel to the island, or about 4:30 AM, is very much ideal. You can eat your breakfast while on board in a motorized bangka and witness the sun as it rises from the eastern coast.

This wonderful Northern Iloilo attraction is surrounded by myths and stories that have been handed down from generations to generation. Local beliefs about this enchanting place is likely to be observed, as a sign of respect.

Tangke is a perfect place to relax your soul and dip your body in a serene salt water pool walled by steep cliffs and other rock formations.


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reading this article made me recall our trip to this paradise not too long ago.. haay! wish i could go back there..

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