The Arroyo Fountain: Iloilo Landmark

Arroyo Fountain was built as a way of recognizing the commitment of Honorable Jose Maria Arroyo, former senator of the Philippines, to the establishment of Metro Iloilo Water Works.

It (Arroyo Fountain) is a classy and stylish water fountain in Iloilo which depicts the neoclassic design. Tourists can see the alluring and appealing structures of four women holding basins above their heads facing different directions (North, South, East and West). The fountain also serves as the point of reference for Panay Island - 'Kilometer 0.' The fountain is surrounded by a mall, retail shops, convenient stores, and restaurants nearby. Furthermore, the fountain is in front of another landmark - the old Iloilo Provincial Capitol (Casa Real), another historical site declared by the Philippine Historical Commission.

The Arroyo Fountain with four-naked women carrying the basin
Most of tourists, even the Ilonggos (people of Iloilo) are not aware that the four women carrying a basin was then half naked, but due to the distinct conservative attitude of the people during those early years, it was redesigned to its present structure.



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