Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral

The Jaro Cathedral is among the churches in the Philippines that has its belfry separated from it, across the national highway and situated in Jaro's Plaza. Historically, was used as a lookout-tower for sea raiders. This is where Philippine hero Graciano Lopez-Jaena was baptized.

The Jaro Cathedral is the first cathedral in Panay. One of its high points in Panay's history was the visit of Pope John Paul II, conducting a mass in 1982.

The Newly Renovated Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral
The Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral was built in 1864, the year the district was named a diocese by Pope Pius the IX, by order of His Grace Mariano Cuartero, first bishop of Jaro. It was destroyed by an earthquake last January 1948 and restored by order of His Excellency Jose Ma. Cuenco, first archbishop of Jaro in 1956. The cathedral’s style is basically Baroque, with the addition of Gothic elements over many renovations.

The Cathedral, before it was renovated
It's patroness - The Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria is the only female among the all-male-saints collection of the church. Her shrine is visited often by a number of faithfuls who believe the statue to be miraculous. This 400-year-old image is the focus of the Jaro Fiesta held every second day of February.



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